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How Seniors Can Stay Hydrated

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

We need water. It regulates our body temperature, fuels our brain and helps our digestive system to stay in track. The older we get, the need to stay hydrated becomes urgent. So how can we help our seniors to get the benefits of water in order to remain healthy?

1. Let them Know the Importance

If they are still able to understand, its is vital to explain to them why they need to drink water. A video clip and a little bit of clarification will familiarize them with the many benefits of keeping the body hydrated.

2. Create a Program

If a senior needs assistance. A good hydration program is to get each one of them a water bottle that could track their water intake. Building a habit to finish a certain amount of water in a certain time will condition their body to absorb the fluid easily.

3. Build a Hydration Cart

If you are working in a care giving facility, rolling trays that can hold personalized water bottles and water cups are ideal for a better centralized monitoring of your hydration program. It can include posters showing the importance of water in our body.

4. Alternatives

Each senior has different preference on their fluid intake. Some seniors even dislikes the taste of water! Below can be a substitute to keep them hydrated, making sure that the source of water if to be used will come from their own bottle as much as possible.

  • Flavored Drinks - These are pre-flavored bottled water with different fruit taste. Don't use it to replace water because it has a high acidic content that can erode teeth cavities.

  • Water Flavor Enhancers - These are crystalline powder used to change the flavor of water to be more drinkable. Same as flavored drinks, it also has high acidic content.

  • Foods with High Water Content - These are natural food such as vegetables and fruits that contains 80 to 98 percent water. If the seniors are not up for drinking, chewing can be a source of hydration.

  • Soups, Stocks and Broths - Soup is a liquid food served warm or hot. Stock is made from boiled bones while broth is made from meat and vegetable. Most seniors like this to be served in cold weather.

  • Popsicles - A piece of flavored ice on a stick. This can be homemade and can be mixed with fruit juice and water. You can add fruit toppings. A great treat for the summer holiday.

  • Beverages - Its either instant juices, sports drinks, milk shakes, chocolate drink supplement and smoothies. Coffee, tea and other drinks that contains caffeine must be used sparingly. Its diuretic and tends to make the seniors urinate more often.

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